Exhibitions 2020


Uusia viruksia, 2020, Maarit Malin-Pötry, Reijo Puranen. Piirissä, 2020, Elsa Hulkkonen.



Tue June 2 –Sun August 31, 2020 Free entry

Pien-Liikkalantie 2–4, 46710 Sippola, Finland

Satu Loukkola, Lasse Lassheikki, Ella Karjalainen, Timo Kirppu, Maarit Malin-Pötry, Reijo Puranen, Heini Nieminen, Mervi Erkkilä, Elsa Hulkkonen, Tiiu Anttinen, Sanna Majander, Pasi Rantala, Eeva-Liisa Puhakka, Agita Marackovska*

The Dairy Forest is in middle of Sippola village and used to house celebrated cheese master Aatu Saloranta and the first cheese factories. Therefor local people call it Dairy Forest. The forest has now been returned to the original apearance revealing botanical diversity and paths suitable for shortcutting, when hasting to school or grocery store. The artists of this group come from different parts of South-Finland and from Latvia. They produce art works partly on site and from proper material of Dairy Forest. The Sippola kindergartner contributed to the exhibition by painting stumps and5–6 th grade of Sippola Elementary school built huts. Also some new trees were planted by 1–2 and 4th grade. Curators of this exhibition were sculptors Tiiu Anttinen and Satu Loukkola and textile artist Sanna Majander.

*Agita Marackovska arrives later from Latvia due to Covid-19

Fading, Susanna Iivanainen
Fading. Susanna Iivanainen.



Thur July 2 –Wed 29, Tue-Sun noon-6pm, entry 5€

Pien-Liikkalantie 6, 46710 Sippola

Mervi Erkkilä, Sanfrid Hasselqvist, Elsa Hulkkonen, Susanna Iivanainen, Ella Karjalainen, Timo Kirppu, Reijo Kärkkäinen ja Mika Vesalahti.

Antares gallery opens its doors in July to show art works from eight finnish artists. Visual artist Mervi Erkkilä and painter Mika Vesalahti have invited six more artists to be part of this IN-exhibition. IN-artists experience and study life by the means of visual art and they show paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography and installations. You can meet some of the artists in the gallery while visiting. Welcome!

Mervi Erkkilä is visual and environmental artist. For her, art is a way of being and looking for truth. She produces environmental art pieces as well as paintings and installations. She is born in Pori and lives and works currently in Huhdasjärvi.

Sanfrid Hasselqvist lives and works in Imatra. For him art is a tool to understand the world and his own relationship to it. Art also gives him an opportunity to change the point of view. Behind his work Hasselqvist has always a story or a vague, foggy image. The image needs a creative journey in order to be concretized in a piece of art. His tools are drawing, video, sculpture and photography. Sanfrid Hasselqvist was born in Parikkala.

Elsa Hulkkonen is a ceramist born in Elimäki. According to her art is an essential part of humanity and also valid means of communication. She mostly works with ceramic sculptures and environmental art. Hulkkonen lives and works in Kuusankoski.

Susanna Iivanainen was born in Kuopio and currently lives and works in Helsinki. Art is her way of describing things which cannot be verbalized. The idea about world without art is impossible to Iivanainen.

Ella Karjalainen was born in Lappeenranta. She is a visual artist, for whom art is a study of oneself and universe, as well as the transmission of one’s own experiences to others. Curently Karjalainen workswith photography, environmental art and ancient spell chanting. She lives and works in her native city.

Timo Kirppu was born in Ylämaa. As a visual artist Kirppu wants to gain experiences to himself and art viewers. He makes stone sculptures and environmental art. Kirppu lives and works in Ylämaa.

Reijo Kärkkäinen was born in Pielavesi. Pondering about things via art is in the core, when describing his way of being artist. According to Kärkkäinen, good piece of art halts and touches. Reijo Kärkkäinen lives and works in Kuopio.

Mika Vesalahti was born in Helsinki. He is a painter, to whom art is a unique way of watching and experiencing the world. Vesalahti lives and works both in Helsinki and Viljandi, Estonia.


Sun July 26 4pm Entry (5€)

Pien-Liikkalantie 6, 46710 Sippola

Kölö is a sound and poem performance mixing different world languages. One sideline of Kölö is a short collection of poems on indo-european bene root. The main languages in this performance are finnish, estonian, swedish, german and english.

Additional information about program in July:

Mervi Erkkilä tel. 041 4583518 mervi.erkkila@gmail.com

Taidekeskus Antares tel. 044 981 9506, info@galleriaantares.fi


Jung. Pauli Parkkinen.


solo exhibition by PAULI PARKKINEN

Sun August 8 –Sun August 30, Tue-Sun noon-6pm, entry 5€

Pien-Liikkalantie 6, 46710 Sippola

“On the otherhand, there is no need to guess about a man’s desire: a man (supposedly hetero) wants a woman. “The remarkable and significant dimensions of the objects of men’s desires are now being clarified faster and more accurately during the Internet era than everbefore in history. It is now old-fashioned to ask whether you are bum or tit man…”

The name of this exhibition refers to the impossible task to show erotic art. Pauli Parkkinen has created erotic art since he graduated from Imatra Art School in 1996. In Antares Art Center Parkkinen shows almost 1000 digital drawings, installations and miniature sculptures. Visual artis Parkkinen lives and works in Imatra.


Sat August 15, 2020 at 2pm–5pm free entry


Hosting: project manager PIIA KLEIMOLA

Pien-Liikkalantie 6, 46710 Sippola

Mr. Juha-Heikki Tihinen is art historian from Helsinki. He works as a curator in The Pro Artibus foundation. He defended his doctoral dissertation in art history at University of Helsinki year 2008 with following title: The uneasy borders of desire Magnus Enckell’s representations of masculinities and femininities and the question how to create the self. That same year, he received an E.J. Vehmas Award for his work as a visual art critic. Tihinen has worked actively as a critic, curator, teacher and recearcher more than 25 years. He has a title of Adjunct professor in University of Helsinki.

Petra Innanen is a visual and burlesque artist. Her tools are painting, drawing, animation, performance and ceramics. She has produced burlesque events since 2008 e.g. Helsinki Burlesque Festival (2008–2019). Petra`s stage name is Bettie Blackheart and she has been on stage in Moskow, Venice and San Fransisco. Innanen has shown her visual art works in solo and group exhibitions since 1992 both in Finland and abroad. Her favorite topics lie within the interface between popular and fine arts, the roles assigned to women, drama and grotesque.

Additional information:Taidekeskus Antares tel. 044 981 9506 info@galleriaantares.fiwww.galleriaantares.fi