Exhibitions 2018



A R T – T O O L

Saturday June, 9 – Sunday July, 29, 2018

Does art have absolute value? It works as a therapy and it is used as means of politics and power. Is it only an instrument to invest and show off? The meaning of art is diverse and includes all contradictions of life. As its best, it invokes a new standpoint and gives space to it. Art is also a pleasure and a place to rest in. Nothing is too big neither too small for it. The members of Cultural Union of Antares have all an angle of their own to their art and their tool.


This exhibition of contemporary art displays paintings, sculptures, media art, graphic art, drawings and photographs.



Tarja Ahokainen, Imatra

Tiiu Anttinen, Sippola

Päivi Eronen, Imatra

Merja Heino, Helsinki

Meri Hietala, Sippola

Jari Järnström, Helsinki

Outi Latvala, Helsinki

Satu Loukkola, Lahti

Arto Korhonen, Helsinki

Katri Kuparinen, Imatra

Maarit Malin-Pötry, Hyvinkää

Antti Nieminen, Taipalsaari

Saara Pakarinen, Lappeenranta

Soli Perttu, Lappeenranta

Hanna Rannanjärvi, Sippola

Pasi Rantala, Sippola

Jouni Salonen, Myllykoski



O P E N   S E S S I O N

Sunday July,22, 2018

International performance art workshop, welcomes public to “Open session” starting at 2 pm at Antares Art Center yard. Workshops focuses on following themes: Body, Environment and Sound.

Additional information: Meri Hietala p. 046 9447693 memhietala@gmail.com and Tiiu Anttinen info@galleriaantares.fi

Free entry! Welcome!


D E L I V E R   U S   F R O M   E V I L

Saturday August, 4 – Sunday September, 2, 2018

In this exhibition the visual artists are investigating the influence of religions to the society now and before. What does the religion mean on the level of an individual? What does present spirituality mean and how is the experience of it? Religion has strong impact on the society at this moment. Conflicts between the religions can be seen in world politics as well as in weekday of human being. Through these artworks the artists study how a person and a society relate to the religion.

“Deliver us from evil” -exhibition will show pieces, which deal religious movements and sectarianism, rituals, relationship to forest and nature, spirituality in relation to religious buildings, picture of a human being and christian imagery and the effect of the religion to womanhood and sexuality. Artworks consist of media art, paintings, drawings, light art and sculptures.


The artists:

Ulu Braun, Berlin

Juulia Juutilainen, Helsinki

Juhani Koivumäki, Helsinki

Laura Kärki, Berlin

Ritva Larsson, Helsinki

Niina Lehtonen Braun, Berlin

Jonne Pitkänen, Kouvola

Eeva-Liisa Puhakka, Berlin, Kouvola

Emma Rönnholm, Helsinki

Pauliina Turakka-Purhonen, Helsinki

WYRD kollektiivi, Loviisa



P E R F O R M A N C E   D A Y

Saturday August, 11, at 2 pm




Playlet for all family members. Duration 30 min.
Script: Petri Pietiläinen
Music: Minna Raskinen
Casting: The rococo lady – Terhi Pietiläinen, the dog – Petri Pietiläinen, the cat – Minna Raskinen.



Performance by Helinä Hukkataival, Soile Iivonen ja Sinikka Törmälä


Free entry on the Perfomance Day!


Additional information: Tiiu Anttinen info@galleriaantares.fi


LUX – Sippola

Light and video art in the yard of the Art Center Antares.
Tiiu Anttinen, Jonne Pitkänen, Mervi Erkkilä and Hanna Rannanjärvi. 10.01.2019 until 21.00.